Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services that get you the best deals that you Dream of !

In general, when people hear the term “Broker”, they often associate it with an amateur and unscrupulous middle-man who puts his preferences and commission above your needs and wants.

To change this image, REALTOR OXYGEN decided to bring world-class, professional Brokerage Services to World.

Our ideology is simple – Getting the best deals for our clients. Whether it is for Buyers, Sellers, Builders, Construction companies, Developers, Tenants, etc.

In order to deliver optimal results, we have developed an in-house process that starts right from Brokerage Confirmation and ends with Brokerage Collection.

We provide:


  • Selling.
  • Plots.
  • Villas.
  • Apartments.
  • Gated communities.
  • Lands.
  • Landlord / tenant Management.


  • Office spaces (land owners / tenants).
  • Retail (land owners / tenants).


Joint ventures

Come to REALTOR OXYGEN for the best deals in the Real Estate market !

Nandi Rameswara Rao

We ensure a great lifestyle for Agents / Realtors and Real Estate Corporates.