How to plan a Site Visit

In the world of real estate, a site visit is an essential part of your work. It’s the opportunity to see firsthand the property you’re considering buying or selling, to get a sense of the neighborhood, and to meet with any potential sellers or tenants who might be interested in leasing space at that location.

But how do you plan your site visits? There are a few different plans you can make depending on what kind of information you need for your visit:

Plan A: You’ll use this plan if you’re just checking out the property from a distance. You’ll want to go on foot and try to observe as much as possible—but don’t stop! If you see something interesting or noteworthy (like a fence that needs replacing), take some notes about it so you can bring it up during your meeting with the seller or tenant later (or even use it as an excuse for why you stopped by).

Plan B: This plan is similar to Plan A in that it involves walking around and observing things, but there are some key differences between them. For one thing, Plan B includes taking pictures while on foot (not just while standing still). This helps ensure that there’s enough data available during your meeting with the property owner so they can give 

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